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Law Enforcement Technology

Credit by Exam

Credit By Examination Series

Credit By Examination in Law Enforcement Technology, is available to current or former full authority, certified Law Enforcement Officers within the United States, who are interested in earning college credit for the training they acquired at their academy. The program consists of a series of seventeen written examinations, which may be taken to test knowledge of the course competencies. Upon completion of the examination with a grade of "C" or better, academic credit will be assigned to the student.

The Rio Salado College Associate of Applied Science Degree in Law Enforcement Technology consists of 39 credit hours of LET credit (required courses) and 25 credit hours of General Studies core - a total of 64 credit hours. Up to 39 credit hours of the required courses may be taken through Credit by Examination. To download a pdf version of the Credit By Examination packet, click here.

The following courses comprise the Credit By Examination series:

Course # Course Title Credits
LET100 Introduction to LET 1
LET102 Criminal Investigation 4
LET106 Patrol Procedures 2
LET109 Criminal Law 2
LET111 Tactical Driving 2
LET119 Community Relations 1
LET125 Legal Aspects of Law Enforcement 2
LET127 Field Problems 2
LET143 Physical Conditioning and Wellness 3
LET145 Arrest/Defensive Tactics 5 5
LET150 Firearms I 3
LET151 Firearms II 2
LET156 First Aid 2
LET190 Human Communications and Relations 1
LET202 Traffic Procedures 2
LET203 Report Writing 2
LET211 Criminalistics 2
LET233 Search and Seizure 1
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  • Only grades of A, B, or C earned through the Credit by Examination process will be recorded on a student's academic record. Credit will be awarded for a grade of "C" or better.
  • Grades earned from the examinations will be used in computing a student's grade point average.
  • Students MAY NOT receive credit for courses in which they have already received college credit.
  • Credit earned through Credit by Examination is transferable within the Maricopa County Community College District as elective credit, and is transferable to other colleges and universities at their discretion. It is strongly recommended that students check with their local college or university regarding credit transferability prior to applying.
  • The fee for examinations is set by the Maricopa Community College District. Please Contact Student Services at (480) 517-8540 for cost information. Fees are not refundable after the examination has been administered.

Academic Advisor (480) 517-8580
Coordinator of Law Enforcement Programs (480) 517-8461