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Law Enforcement Technology

CCL in Juvenile Corrections

The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Juvenile Corrections program is designed to provide students with the training needed for employment in the juvenile corrections system. Topics covered in the courses include an introduction to the field of juvenile corrections, including statistics and jurisdiction issues as well as implementation of effective behavior management and conflict resolution strategies. An emphasis is placed on adolescent development, programs, treatment strategies, and case management responsibilities in addition to procedures for managing juvenile corrections housing units.

CIPS Code: 43.0110

Admission Criteria:
This program is offered through an educational partnership. Employment by the partnership organization is required for admission.

Certificate of Completion in Juvenile Corrections

Required Courses 20
Course # Certificate Title Credits
LET112 Introduction to Juvenile Corrections 2
LET113 Juvenile Corrections Procedures 2
LET114 Juvenile Corrections Officer Skills 3
LET115 Crisis Intervention in Juvenile Corrections 2
LET116 Adolescent Treatment Issues 3
LET117 Juvenile Corrections Supervision 3
LET118 Legal Issues in Juvenile Corrections 3
LET120 Juvenile Corrections Housing Unit Operations 2


The total amount of credits required for this certificate is 20.
Students must earn a grade of "C" or better in all courses within the program
Minimum GPA: 2.00