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Law Enforcement Testimonials

"Rio Salado College allows our deputies and detention officers to get a head start on their education by providing them with college credit for their respective academies. These credits act as an impetus for our academy graduates to continue to improve themselves through higher education - a benefit not only for them as individuals, but also for the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, which gains better educated and better trained officers and deputies. I strongly support higher education for my employees. I arranged for tuition reimbursement and, further, negotiated pay incentives for various college degrees. Higher education has proven to be a sound investment in our most valuable resource - our employees. Rio Salado College has been invaluable in helping us make this long-term investment."

Joseph M. Arpaio
Maricopa County Sheriff

"I've had such a wonderful experience at Rio Salado College and an amazing journey to attaining my degree that I felt so inclined to share my story with you in hopes that it may inspire someone else to not give up on their dreams of obtaining a higher education. I attended Rio Salado College while attending the Arizona Law Enforcement Academy (ALEA). In 2009 I obtained a Certificate of Completion in Law Enforcement Technology with Rio Salado (39 credits). I've also completed Investigator Training and Instructor Training at Rio Salado (7 credits). The instructors in those classes were phenomenal! There were real life experiences presented and lots of positive interaction. We all learned a lot in those classes and formed special bonds and connections that are still intact today. Rio Salado College was the first educational institution from which I attained my Certificate of Completion. This inspired me to continue on and attain my Associate degree from Rio."

Madeline Mitchell
Phoenix Police Department

"Attending school at Rio Salado has been challenging but I have learned much about time management. I have been able to manage a high stress full-time job, school, and a young family. I have received my two year degree but have continued forward in my education."

Patrick Valenzuela Jr.
Glendale Police Department

"I knew I was earning credits while attending the deputy academy, but it didn't click at the time that I could do something with them. After an evaluation by Rio Salado's academic advisement department, I learned I only needed three classes to achieve my degree. I really didn't want to go back to school. Once I started, I realized getting a college education wasn't difficult. Plus it was a good influence on my children to see me graduate.”

Guillermo Garcia
Maricopa County Sheriff's Office