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Transcript Request

The Rio Salado College TRANSCRIPT REQUEST FORM has been designed to provide colleges and universities with all of the student information required to successfully have student transcripts sent to Rio Salado College. As such, it is very important that each of the fields in the form, and in the PERSONAL INFORMATION QUERY, be correctly and completely filled in.

Complete and forward TRANSCRIPT REQUEST FORM to each college or university you have attended. Complete the information fields, as described below:

  1. List the full name of the college or university
  2. List the full address of the college or university
  3. List the city of the college or university
  4. List the state and zip code of the college or university
  5. List your full name (and maiden name, if appropriate)
  6. List your personal email address
  7. List the dates that you attended the college or university listed above in # 1
  8. List your full home address
  9. List your home phone number, with area code
  10. List your date of birth
  11. List your social security number (this is usually used by colleges and universities as student I.D. numbers)
  12. Contact the college or university to determine whether a transcript fee is required. If a fee is required, forward the fee along with the transcript request.
  13. Sign your full name
  14. List the name of the police agency you work for, and the state within

Personal Information Query

Full Name: *
Email Address: *
Contact Telephone Number: