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Law Enforcement Technology

Certificate of Completion in Advanced Corrections

The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Advanced Corrections program is designed for corrections officers seeking advancement in the corrections field. Courses will focus on supervision techniques, interpersonal communication, and the constitution of the United States and the State of Arizona. Officers will also study basic psychology principles and sociology concepts.

CIPS Code: 43.0102

Admission Criteria: This program is offered through an educational partnership. Employment by the partnership organization is required for admission.

Required Courses

Required Courses 35-36
Course # Course Title Credits
Certificate of Completion in Basic Corrections (available by partnership only) 21
COM110 Interpersonal Communication Shared Unique Number Number COM1100 3
Correctional Sergeant Leadership (2) OR
Management and Leadership I (3) OR
Supervisory Training for DOC Employees
U.S. and Arizona Constitution (3) OR
Arizona Constitution (1) AND
U.S. Constitution (2)
PSY101 Introduction to Psychology Shared Unique Number Number PSY1101 3
SOC101 Introduction to Sociology Shared Unique Number Number SOC1101 3

Restricted Electives

Restricted Electives 3
Course # Course Title Credits
CIS105 Survey of Computer Information Systems Shared Unique Number Number CIS1120 3
CIS133DA Internet/Web Development Level I 3
COM263 Elements of Intercultural Communication 3
MGT229 Management and Leadership I 3
POS100 Introduction to Political Science 3
PSY2xx Any 200 Level PSY Psychology Course 3
REL100 World Religions 3
SOC2xx Any 200 Level SOC Sociology Course 3
SPA101 Elementary Spanish I Shared Unique Number Number SPA1101 4
SPA102* Elementary Spanish II Shared Unique Number Number SPA1102 4
SPA115 Beginning Spanish Conversation I 3


  • The total amount of credits required for this certificate is 38-39.
  • Students must earn a grade of “C” or better for all courses required within the program.
  • * Indicates course has prerequisites and/or corequisites.
  • xxx Indicates any module/suffixed courses.
  • Minimum GPA: 2.00