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Make your college experience work for you!

Police work and higher education go hand in hand. In fact, most agencies require at least some college credit before an officer can be considered for promotion, or even transfer to specialty assignments. Knowing this, many officers have accumulated a collection of college hours without having focused those hours into a degree pathway. This is a waste, which can be easily remedied.

Rio Salado College has developed a simple process by which officers who have college hours accumulated but not focused into a degree pathway, can have those hours evaluated for applicability toward an Associate of Applied Science degree, and/or a Bachelor of Arts degree. A simple transcript request form has been devised, which serves as a request for the named college or university to send the officer's academic transcripts to Rio Salado for evaluation, to see how much of their academic experience can be applied to the AAS or BA programs. Chances are that much, if not all of the General Education Studies required for completion of the AAS degree in Law Enforcement Technology, or the Advanced Studies of the BA degree in Police Science, is already in the officer's academic transcripts.