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Online Nursing Pre-Requisites

Health Related

  • HCR230 – Culture and Health - Relation between cultures of diverse groups and health/illness. Emphasis on cross-cultural communication, including awareness of own cultural influences and indigenous and complementary healing practices. Prerequisites: None. See Mini Syllabus for full course description.
  • HCR240 – Human Pathophysiology - Chemical, biological, biochemical, and psychological processes as a foundation for the understanding of alterations in health. The structural and functional pathophysiology of alterations in health; selected therapeutics considered. See Mini Syllabus for prerequisites and full course description. In order to register for this course, Rio will need to verify that you have completed the prerequisite(s).
  • HCR210 – Health Care Ethics  - An introduction to health care ethics with emphasis on analysis and ethical decision making at both the clinical and health policy levels for health care professionals. Theoretical foundation of bioethics reviewed within historical and contemporary contexts. Prerequisites: ENG102.
  • Additional pre-requisite classes can be found on our Class Schedule.