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Incarcerated Re-Entry

Computer Technology

In recognition of an ever-changing, and increasing electronic environment, the Computer Technology program is designed to provide incarcerated students with pertinent information and training on the use, application and technological developments of computers.

Coursework is aimed primarily for students interested in developing skills in the business computing environment, but the software applications learned will benefit them in most employment fields. Women enrolled in other on-site training programs are encouraged to consider the benefit of computer training as it relates to those fields. For instance, in the automotive and construction industries, many positions are available that require computer knowledge in departments where ordering, billing, and office assistance is crucial. This combined experience increases the students’ marketability.

The experiential training the women receive in the Rio computer labs and the efforts of prison work programs, like the Arizona Correctional Industries Data Fulfillment Center, save taxpayer dollars by hiring trained students. This adds an important transition component for women returning to their communities.