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Incarcerated Re-Entry-DL
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Incarcerated Re-Entry

Graphic Arts

The Graphic Arts Program has been designed to give students a thorough understanding of principles involved in offset lithography. They learn about the history of printing and gain an understanding of the major types of printing processes used today. Students have the opportunity to learn about and use a lithographic process camera and the different types of materials used with them, operate an offset printing press, and a stitcher-trimmer for finishing work. In addition, they work with computers and three of the major software applications used in the graphics industry today.

The program is designed to work hand-in-hand with the Arizona Correctional Industries (ACI) Print Shop. Working closely with management and staff of ACI, the college and prison have established strong collaborative relationships that will help students apply the skills and knowledge gained in the Graphic Arts program as an excellent base for employment at ACI.

The combination of knowledge and applied skills gained through the joint programs prepares students for transition to employment in the printing industry.