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Incarcerated Re-Entry-DL
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How to Enroll


To admit a new student we need the Student Admissions Application Form and self-pay (instate or out of state) indicating payment and certificate of study the inmate student will focus on prior to release.

The student will fill out the Student Information Release (FERPA) to authorize Rio Salado College to release information i.e. unofficial transcript, college records etc. to a person of their choice.

Review the documents to enroll

Important Documents

Ready to Enroll

The first step for incarcerated students is to contact the educational representative at your facility to ensure you follow prison policy regarding taking classes. Self-Pay Form requires signature from a corrections educational representative authorizing Rio Salado's Incarcerated Re-Entry Distance Learning (IRE-DL) department to enroll an incarcerated student.

  1. Review the IRE Program Check Sheets to determine the certificate or degree you will complete prior to release. Selecting a certificate will allow IRE-DL staff to enroll incarcerated students in the next course in sequence. All certificate programs have an associate component that can be fulfilled after completing the certificate.

  2. Complete the Student Admission Application (PDF). This form is only needed for new students or students who have not attended Rio Salado College within the last year.

  3. Provide a method of payment using the Self-Pay form, VA form or IRE scholarship application (in-state students only). Please list contact for payment on self-pay form, tribal pay, non-profit, or other person to contact regarding payment.

    1. In-State Payment Form (PDF)
    2. Out-of-State Payment Form (PDF)
    3. IRE Scholarship Application (PDF) - Only for In state students, supports academic progress of students with demonstrated academic success with Rio Salado College Incarcerated Re-Entry Distance Learning Courses.

Return form(s) to Rio Salado's Incarcerated Re-Entry Distance Learning (IRE-DL) department.