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Incarcerated Re-Entry-DL
2323 W. 14th Street
Tempe, AZ 85281-6950

Tuition, Fees and Textbook

  • In-State: $85 per credit hour (3 credit x $85 = $255)
  • Out-of-state: $215 per credit hour (3 credit x $215 = $645)
  • Course materials fee: $15 per class
  • One-time per semester registration fee: $15

A family member or outside party may pay on behalf of the student using cash, check, money order, Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express card. Please use Self-pay form.

If a student is incarcerated in an out-of-state or federal facility, tuition and fees must be paid according to that facility’s rules.

Text Books

For information on book pricing please call IRE at 480-517-8345 or 877-517-8345 or visit the Rio Salado Bookstore website, search for course offered in IRE Program Checksheet. 
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Methods of Payment

Scholarship Program:
  • Applications are accepted throughout the academic year and a student may be accepted at any point throughout the academic year.
  • Available to students currently residing in a facility within Arizona, who do not have a degree/certificate and who demonstrate financial need.
  • Funds a minimum of one 3-credit course, and includes tuition, registration and course material fees and textbooks.
  • Follows Department of Corrections DO910 criteria and Rio Salado Incarcerated Re-Entry criteria.
  • To maintain eligibility for the IRE distance learning scholarship program students need to complete current distance learning coursework with a “C” or above. We encourage in-state students to pay for a 1 credit course, earn an "A" and then apply for an IRE scholarship.

Scholarship Application (PDF)