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Internship and Career Building Resources

The Paralegal Internship Experience

Rio Salado’s Paralegal program offers an internship opportunity to qualified students. This internship involves both educational and practical work experience. Moreover, it meets the needs of students academically and professionally as they prepare for graduation and occupational pathways.

Those students with no prior law-related experience are strongly encouraged to participate in the internship program to enhance their chances of securing employment upon graduation.

Students with a legal background can only further enhance their resume with additional legal experience. While in the program, interns work closely with practitioners gaining valuable experience while also earning academic credit.

A minimum of 160 hours of internship work must be accrued during a semester. The Paralegal Department will assist you in locating quality internships.

Internship Placement Process

Interested internship candidates must meet the following criteria before being placed in any internship:                             

  • Completion of Internship Application
  • Successful completion of the following courses:
    PAR102 Foundations
    PAR104 Ethics
    PAR106 Law Foundations
    PAR112 Fundamentals of Litigation
    PAR114 Litigation
    PAR220 Writing
    PAR222 Research
    PAR260  Paralegal Internship Skills*

  • Students will author a cover letter outlining their attributes and qualifications.  This cover letter must be endorsed by two adjunct faculty members from the Paralegal program. 
  • Minimum G.P.A. 2.75

*PAR 260 is a career preparation course that will assist students with resume and cover letter drafting as well an interview preparation.  It serves as the first step in the application process to PAR290AB (Internship Course). This course is open to all students regardless of placement. 

Internship Experience

During the internship, the student is required to complete 160 internship hours. Moreover, the student is required to submit journal entries detailing their internship hours, work product and supervisor and self-evaluations.  The internship lead instructor will guide the student through the internship and work directly with both the intern and host supervisor.  Interns are not paid.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I want to start an internship this summer and will be enrolled in Writing and Research beginning in May.  Can I also participate in the internship course?

No. The student is best prepared for field work with the required classes successfully completed before beginning an internship.  You should also enroll in PAR260 and begin working on your cover letter, resume and interview skills.  Upon completing your required courses including PAR260, you will be ready for placement the following semester. 

Is the internship mandatory for the certificate or degree?

No. The internship is a restrictive elective and not mandatory. 

Once I complete the application process, will I automatically be placed at the host of my choosing?

No. Once a student has completed the application process in PAR260 and chosen their desired internship host, the host will be provided the student’s credentials for its review. Moreover, many host sites have individual screening procedures that must be completed, such as background checks, prior to the final placement of the student.

As long as I complete the 160 internship hours within the 16 weeks, can I choose my own schedule?

No. It is important that students treat their internship as a professional job.  It is suggested that once placed, the student work out a schedule to complete the 160 hours with the internship host supervisor.  This will ensure that the host and intern have the same expectations regarding the completion of hours.

How will an internship help me in finding a job?

Internships are a tremendous gateway to help students find permanent work. Not only does an internship expose students to hands-on experiences, it allows students the opportunity to network.  Moreover, it allows students an opportunity to show off their skills in the real life setting, which can translate to a strong recommendation for future employers.

I currently work for a law office.  Can I intern with my current employer?

No.  If your current employer offers an internship opportunity, then it is not necessary to take the credit course.  Our credit course prohibits paid interns. 

Current List of Hosts (PDF)

Please contact the Emily Klein Alice with additional questions regarding the program at