Academic Certificate in Spanish & Spanish Culture

The Academic Certificate (AC) in Spanish and Spanish Culture is designed to provide students with the essential language skills and vocabulary to communicate with confidence in diverse communicative situations. Instruction in the diverse cultural context will help students to understand the complex interdependence of language and culture.  

CIPS Code: 16.0905

Required Courses 16
SPA101 Elementary Spanish I SPA1101 4
SPA102 Elementary Spanish II SPA1102  4
SPA201 Intermediate Spanish I SPA2201 4
SPA202 Intermediate Spanish II SPA2202 4
Course # Course Title Credits
Restricted Electives 9
  Select a minimum of 6 (six) credits taught in Spanish and 3 (three) credits taught in English.  
Foreign Language Teaching Methods 3
Geography of Latin America 3
HIS145 History of Mexico 3
Hispanic Ideas and Values 3
Music in Latin America and the Caribbean 3
SLC201 Introduction to Linguistics 3
SPA115 Beginning Spanish Conversation I 3
SPA116 Beginning Spanish Conversation II 3
SPA117 Health Care Spanish I 3
SPA118 Health Care Spanish II 3
SPA119 Spanish for Educational Settings I 3
SPA120 Spanish for Educational Settings II 3
SPA205 Spanish for Medical Interpretation I 3
SPA206 Spanish for Medical Interpretation II 3
Spanish for Business Communication 3
SPA225 Intermediate Spanish Conversation I 3
SPA226 Intermediate Spanish Conversation II 3
Advanced Spanish Conversation I 3
Advanced Spanish Conversation II 3
Spanish and Spanish-American Film I 3
Spanish and Spanish-American Film II 3
Spanish Civilization 3
Advanced Spanish I 3
Advanced Spanish II 3
Volunteerism for Spanish: A Service Learning Experience (any suffixed course) 1-3
Special Projects (any suffixed course) 1-3
SPH245 Hispanic Heritage in the Southwest 3
Special Projects (any suffixed course) 1-3


The total amount of credits required for this certificate is 25.
Students must earn a grade of "C" or better for all courses require within the program.
* indicates course has prerequisites and/or corequisites
xxx indicates any module

Spanish & Spanish Culture