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Adjuncts: Message Center Highlights


Welcome to the Message Center

Beginning July 1, communication in RioLearn between students and adjuncts/faculty will be done through the Message Center. The Message Center is a new tool that centralizes all course-specific communication. Previously, instructors communicated with their students through email. (Students will still have a link to their Gmail email accounts in RioLearn, and will continue to receive official college communications there.) Using the new Message Center makes it easy to streamline all your messages and communicate with your students.


  1. Click the new "Messages" icon to go to the Message Center Inbox.

Message Center Inbox

  1. This is the Message Center action bar.
  2. Messages can be filtered by read/unread, course section number, start date, or student name. This function replaces the "Folders" option in Outlook, and the "Labels" option in Gmail.
  3. Messages can be sorted by "Sender" "Subject" "Class" and "Date."
  4. Messages from students are displayed here.

Compose and Send Messages

  1. Click "Compose New "to create a new message.
  2. Use the drop down menu to select course and section number.
  3. Highlight available recipients and click the right arrow to move them to "selected recipients."
  4. Type subject line and message.
  5. Send message.

Read and Reply to Messages

  1. Highlight message and click to open.
  1. Message options include delete, reply and forward.
  2. Click "Reply" to reply to message.
  1. Type message and click "Send Message."

Contacting your Students

There are three ways to contact your students:
  1. Click the "Messages" icon to contact your student from the Message Center Inbox.


  1. From your course roster, click the envelope icon to contact your student.
  1. From the Gradebook, click the "Send Message" tab to contact your student.