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Student Email Instructions

Your new student e-mail is available immediately and will use your MEID for the address:

  • For example: or

Direct Online Access

Access from

  1. On click on Maricopa Email

    Checking MCCCD email
  2. Use your MEID for the Your password is the same MEID password that you use for your Student Center at
    Login to MCCCD

Google Apps functionality

  • How do I forward from MCCCD Student Email to my other e-mail accounts?
    Your MCCCD Student Email lets you automatically forward incoming mail to another address, if you'd like. Click here for instructions on forwarding.

Video Tutorial

For additional help, please select a video tutorial below:

Note: The QuickTime plug-in is required for Quicktime video.


Q) What is an MEID?
A) Maricopa Enterprise ID. Read more here.

Q) How can I email my instructor(s)?

A) As usual, you will be able to email your instructors by using the "Contact Your Instructor" link located in your course home page.

Q) How can I access my MCCCD Student Email from RioLearn?
A) You can access your MCCCD Student Email by clicking the email icon at the top right corner of RioLearn. 

How to Find Your Email in RioLearn

Q) Why can't I access my MCCCD Student Email account?
A) For support accessing your account, please visit

Q) How do I use MCCCD Student Email?
A) Please visit for frequently asked questions about using MCCCD Student Email.