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Procedures For Proctored Exams



You may request to have your exams proctored if you:

  1. do not live in Arizona or in Maricopa County.
  2. will not be in Arizona or Maricopa County when you need to take your exams.
  3. have a documented disability that prevents you from attending one of Rio's testing sites.


If you do not meet these requirements, please test at the Tempe Testing Center.

Proctoring Process

  1. Before you submit your application, you will be responsible for locating a proctor that meets your needs and Rio Salado’s proctoring criteria (see list below).
  2. The testing center staff will call the proctor to verify that he/she meets the criteria to be a Rio Salado-approved proctor.
  3. If the proctor is not approved, we will send you an email (or call you, if you do not have access to email) indicating that you need to locate a new proctor.
  4. If the proctor is approved, we send all of the testing materials to the proctor within one week of verifying the proctor.
  5. Contact your proctor and set an appointment date and time to take your exam(s).
  6. Take your exam at the proctoring location as scheduled.
  7. The proctor sends the testing materials back to the Rio Salado Testing Center.
  8. We receive the exams, check them in and grade them.
  9. You will receive a call from the Testing Center with your grades.

*Proctor Criteria

Proctors must be from an accredited university, accredited college or military base. There must be no conflict of interest in having your proctor administer your exams (e.g. a family member).

Military Base-If the proctor is at a military base; s/he must work at the Education Center. If there is not an Education Center, s/he must be a commissioned officer ranked 2LT or higher with a valid military email address.

University/College-If the proctor is at a university or college, he/she needs to be an employee of the testing center. If there is no testing center, the proctor must work in the assessment center, library, disability center, distance-learning center or advising/counseling center.

You may not have your exams proctored

  • by instructors, professors, and/or department chairs.
  • by any person at a K-12 school, including administrators, teachers, and/or librarians.
  • at your place of employment.
  • by co-workers, spouses, family members, or friends.
  • by currently enrolled Rio Salado students.


Please contact us at 1-(866) 517-8560 (Toll-free) if you cannot find a suitable proctor or have questions about proctor eligibility. We may be able to help you locate a proctor or we may be able to grant an exception if there are special circumstances.


Rio Salado does not charge a fee to send exams to proctors. However, most proctors charge a fee for their services and you are responsible for paying any applicable charges. Please ask the proctor about whether or not he/she charges for his/her services before submitting your request.


The timeframe required for your proctor to receive the exams depends on the accuracy of the information you provide. Exams are sent to proctors within 7 days of their confirmation. You will have 2 weeks to complete each group of exams

Expedited Service

We do not offer overnight or priority mail services, nor do we fax exams to proctors. We will make every effort to verify the proctor quickly and to send the materials promptly. However, we cannot guarantee an arrival date for tests.

Contact Information

Please call the testing center at 480-517-8560 or 866-517-8560 if you have any questions or concerns.