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Tutoring: Frequently Asked Questions


In-Person Tutoring

Online Tutoring

What tutoring options are available?
Depending on the subject, you can be tutored in-person, and online via Smarthinking. Please click here to see the tutoring options for your class.

Do you provide tutoring for all Rio courses?
We offer tutoring for high demand academic subjects, such as Accounting, Computers, Chemistry, English, Mathematics, Statistics and others. If you are enrolled in a class for which tutoring is not offered, please contact your instructor for assistance.

Do I have to pay for tutoring?
Tutoring is free for the students who are currently enrolled in the Rio class for which they seek tutoring.

Can I get help with a class that I am taking at another MCCCD college?
Each of the Maricopa Community Colleges provides tutoring for the students who are enrolled at their college. If you are enrolled in a Chemistry class at Rio, and a Math class at Phoenix College, you will need to go to Rio Tutoring for Chemistry and Phoenix College tutoring for Math.

Is there a time limit for tutoring sessions?
You can use tutoring as much as you need during our hours of service.

What can I expect from a tutor?
Tutors will help you understand the course content, review your work to provide feedback, and offer other assistance as needed to ensure that you gain confidence in independent work. However, they will not do your work for you, and they are not allowed to help when you are submitting an online quiz or exam.

Will the English/Writing Tutor proofread my essay?
English/Writing tutors’ role is to help you improve your college writing skills and gain confidence. Tutors do not proofread students’ essays. Instead, they provide ideas, suggestions, and advice for improvement in structure, organization, grammar, and punctuation. It is your responsibility to decide which suggestions you will incorporate into your final draft.

What are my responsibilities?
You need to be familiar with the lesson/assignment for which you seek assistance. Make sure to prepare specific questions that you would like the tutor to address. If you come to the Rio Tempe Tutoring Center, bring your Student ID number and all the materials you might need, such as the textbook, calculator, printed assignments/lessons, CDs, etc.

Is tutoring available at multiple locations?
In-person tutoring for several subjects is offered at Rio Tempe and in-person tutoring for Math is offered at Rio Avondale.  Click here for maps and directions. If you are unable to come for in-person tutoring, you can use online tutoring available through the “smarthinking” link in RioLearn.

Do I need an appointment to meet with a tutor?
You do not need an appointment for in-person tutoring. Just come to the Rio Tempe Tutoring Center during the hours advertised for your subject. Click here to see in-person tutoring hours.

What do I need to bring to the tutoring session?
Bring your Student ID number and any materials you might need during your tutoring session, such as your textbook, calculator, printed assignments, CDs, etc.

Can I use my laptop in the Tutoring Center?
You can bring your laptop or use Rio computers available in the Tutoring Center and in the Computer Lab.

Are tutoring sessions one-on-one or in groups?
All tutoring is one-on-one, on the “first come-first served” basis. Students may need to wait until a tutor is available. This time can be used for coursework and preparation for the tutoring session.

May I bring my child with me to the Tutoring Center?
Only students registered in a Rio class are allowed in the Tutoring Center. (MCCCD Administrative Regulation A.R.2.4.10, Children on Campus).

Online Tutoring Questions:

How do I get tutored online?
Rio Salado has contracted with to provide an online tutoring service. This service includes live chat, email tutoring, and online essay review. To access online tutoring, log on RioLearn and click on the “smarthinking” located under "Recommended Services".

What are online tutoring hours?
Online tutoring hours vary by subject. The link to the online tutoring hours is posted on the “smarthinking” webpage.

Do online tutors have my textbook and access to my class?
Online tutors do not have your textbook or access to your class; however, they have advanced degrees in the subjects they tutor and are able to answer your questions regarding the course content. If you have questions about the assignment, such as where the links are, or what the expectations are, etc., you will need to contact your instructor.