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Introduction: Connecting Your Learning

grammar and spell check windowWith the advent of spell check and computer programs, the importance of spelling has been questioned. Does this sound familiar? "Why should I learn how to spell? Isn't this the twenty-first century? My computer corrects spelling errors for me."

The reality is that you cannot rely on a spell checker. Spell check frequently misses words. Yes, it catches many of the misspelled words, but certainly not all of them. Consider the following sentences: "I might write for you." and "Eye mite right four ewe." Spell check would pass both through with flying colors.

Readings, Resources, and Assignments
Required Readings

Read the following before starting the lesson:


Common Errors in Grammar and Punctuation


Multimedia Resources

Visit Grammar Bytes to view PowerPoint Presentations on spelling, capitalization, and punctuation.

Required Assignments
  • Capitalization and Punctuation
  • Technology Expert Spelling

Focusing Your Learning

Lesson Objectives

By the end of this lesson, you should be able to:

  1. Apply correct spelling, capitalization, and punctuation to written work.


Spelling, Capitalization, and Punctuation

Spelling, capitalization, and punctuation are three aspects of grammar that are essential to effective writing. This lesson focuses on learning some rules that can help with spelling.


Spelling Rules

  1. I before E except after C unless it says A as in neighbor and weigh. (believe, ceiling, freight)
  2. The letter Q is always followed by U.
  3. Silent E helps a vowel say its name. (hid/hide)
  4. When two vowels go walking, the first does the talking. (wait, team)

Spelling Tips: A Few Suggestions...

  1. Making a List

Everyone has a few words they find difficult to spell. Track down these words, and start a list. Here are a few of the most commonly misspelled words:

  • definite
  • judgment
  • maintenance
  • personnel
  • recommend
  • schedule
  • separate
  1. Chunking Words
  2. Ever tried to spell antidisestablishmentarianism? Seems impossible, right? It really isn't. Chunk it up. anti—dis—es—tab—lish—men—tar—ian—ism. Try that with elevator, impossible, operation, and discovery.

  1. Using Memory Aids

Use the following list of memory aids to spell certain difficult words.

  1. Together is made up of three words: to+ get + her.
  2. There is a rat in the middle of separate.
  3. You can remember how to spell the word because by using this the following memory aid:

    Bake Eight Cupcakes And Use Six Eggs

  4. Be careful here, though. This might get you into baking trouble. Six eggs are way too many eggs for eight cupcakes.

  1. You hear with your ear.
  1. Finding Patterns
  2. Look for prefixes, suffixes, and roots. When you are chunking up your words, look for patterns like those that appear in information, destination, and combination.

Visit the following Web site for more details about spelling rules and suggestions.

Take time to view this spelling presentation for a detailed look at spelling rules and examples.

Grammar Bytes: Spelling



Now that you have learned basic spelling rules, it is time to look at capitalization. Learn capitalization rules and avoid common errors by reviewing the following presentation.

Grammar Bytes: Capitalization



Punctuation is needed to help the reader know how he or she should read a sentence. Punctuation marks are visual cues that have meaning.

Reading Ico

Read the sections under Punctuation to learn about the types of punctuation, their meanings and how to use them.

Next, take a look at the presentation below:

Grammar Bytes: Punctuation


Interactive Activity Ico

Now, it is your turn to practice. Try these interactive exercises:



Spelling Quiz 1

Spelling Quiz 2

Summarizing Your Learning

Ultimately, better spellers are better readers. Better readers are better writers. These three areas are all connected.

Reading Ico

For more on these topics:

Spelling: Common Words that Sound Alike

For more on capitalization:

A Little Help with Capitals

For more on punctuation:


Assessing Your Learning

Assignement Ico

Now that you have finished the practice and review activities, it is time to test your knowledge. Complete the assignments below.

  1. Grammar: Capitalization and Punctuation
  2. Grammar: Technology Expert Spelling

Additional Attributions