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Powered by Innovation

Rio Salado College's innovations significantly impact public higher education, business and governmental entities. Whether it is finding new student markets, forging community partnerships, or tapping into new technologies, the college accepts each challenge with remarkable enthusiasm and steadfastly pursues cutting-edge solutions. By fostering an entrepreneurial spirit, Rio Salado resounds within the community at large.

The college promotes an atmosphere where out-of-the-box thinking can flourish and innovation can unfold by incorporating proven business strategies to benefit higher education and a legacy of building partnerships.   

Rio Salado is committed to innovation and relentless improvement, Rio Salado continually seeks to learn from the success of others.

Powered by Innovation (PDF)

Rio Salado College developed this white paper as an outcome from a grant which planned for transformational change across the College. Using a strategic planning effort that involved the entire college, RSC developed a replicable model for other institutions to follow. This work was supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation [OPP1136162].

White Paper