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UPDATE: Online courses continue as scheduled. Currently, in-person services are limited. Online registration is available for classes. Check here for the latest service hours and for the latest COVID-19 updates.

FAQs: GED Test Preparation Classes

The GED® test measures your knowledge and academic skills against those of today’s traditional high school graduates.

Passing the GED test provides high school equivalency (HSE) to those who did not finish high school. Earning your HSE diploma is the first step to continuing on to college and Rio Salado College can help you get there. 

Rio Salado College offers GED preparation classes in a supportive, classroom environment at several Rio Salado locations in the Valley. You can also take this class online.

  • Undocumented residents can enroll in Rio Salado's non-credit online GED test preparation class.
  • However, the Arizona Department of Education prohibits undocumented residents from taking these non-credit classes that are taught in person, in a classroom setting.

Social Studies, science, reasoning through language arts and mathematical reasoning are the focus of these classes.

  • In-person class: If you maintain regular attendance in the class, you can remain in class until you and the teacher agree that you are sufficiently prepared to take the GED test.
  • Online classThe online class is 14 weeks long

In-person GED test preparation classes classes are taught in English and Spanish (in most states). Rio Salado's online GED test preparation class is only taught in English. 

  • In-person class: Contact the Rio Salado location where you would like to take the class to learn about available class times.
  • Online class: Call 480-517-8540 to learn about available class times.

The amount of difficulty you experience with an online class can depend on your academic readiness, English literacy level and technology expertise. Successful online students typically have self-discipline and self motivation.