Mail Room Operations


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Mail Room Operations

Mail Room Operations

The mail room receives and processes all incoming and outgoing mail and package deliveries for Rio Salado College. 

The mail room provides a courier service, which makes regular deliveries and picks-up at all Rio Salado College off-site locations. The mail room also delivers and picks-up all mail and packages for all departments on the Tempe campus.

In addition, urgent and special deliveries and pick-ups may be requested by calling or emailing the following:

Contact us:

Telephone: 480-517-8218


 When contacting the mailroom via phone or email, please include the following: 

  1. Your contact information (full name/phone number/email address). 
  2. Whether you are requesting a pick-up or a drop-off.
  3. The time you are requesting a pick-up or a drop-off.
  4. The location (full address) where you are requesting a pick-up or a drop-off.
  5. Indicate if you would like a confirmation of your message and/or confirmation of pick-up or delivery.

For emergencies, please contact Richard Oros at 480-517-8208