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Law Enforcement Technology: Credit by Exam

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Determine the Credit by Examination process for which you are eligible:


To determine the process to follow for obtaining 39 hours of credit in Law Enforcement Technology, click YES or NO under the below listed academy from which you graduated.
ALEA Arizona Law Enforcement Academy (since September 1, 1990)
*As of November of 2017 ALEA is now known as Phoenix Regional Police Academy (PRPA)
ALETA Arizona Law Enforcement Training Academy (since January 1995) YES NO
Mesa Police Department Academy (since February 1,1994) YES NO
Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Academy (since August 1,1995) YES NO
Any other certified Arizona peace officers YES NO


Have you graduated from the Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training Academy since January 1999? YES NO


Have you graduated from an academy certified by the Maryland Police and Corrections Training Commissions since July 8, 1999?



Have you successfully passed the state certification examination for Nevada Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) since January 2017? YES NO

New Mexico

Have you been certified by the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy Board since July 2002? YES NO

North Carolina

Have you graduated from the Charlotte-Mecklenberg, North Carolina Police Department Academy since class #135, September 27, 2000? YES NO


Have you graduated from a Texas Commission on Law Enforcement licensed 560 hour academy after September, 1994? YES NO


Have you graduated from the Richmond, Virginia Police Department Academy (since March, 1994 - 70th class)?

Other Locations
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