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Enrollment Step 4: Register for Classes

Enrollment Step 4: Register for Classes

Dual Enrollment students who have completed Steps 1 – 3 can self-register for their courses before their High School registration deadline. Students need to view their High School Course List before registering for courses because it shows any prerequisites and the 5-digit section number students need to complete self-registration. A step-by-step visual of how to register for courses is provided below. 

If you are ready to register, click the “Step 4: Register for Classes Line” button below.

High School Course Lists

Register for Courses Online

Step 4 - How to Register for Classes

1. Go to your Student Center at Log in using your MEID as your User ID and then, enter your Password.

Screenshot of SIS Manage Classes


2. Click Manage Classes tile, then click Class Search and Enroll from the left menu. Select the college and term that you want to register for.

Screenshot of SIS Manage Classes

Screeenshot of SIS Class Search

3. Enter your 5-digit class section number in the Search for Classes bar then click the arrow or the Enter key on your keyboard

Screenshot of SIS View Search Results

If you do not see an arrow on the right, you may not have filled out the Student Admission Application for this college and should do so now.

4. Verify that the class that displays is the one you want. Click the blue hyperlink under “Class” to validate the days, times and enrollment requirements. If everything looks good, click anywhere on the class or click the arrow on the far right.

Screenshot of SIS Class Search and Enroll-2

5. From the dropdown menu, choose either Enroll or Add to Shopping Cart (if enrollment for this term has not begun yet). Click Submit

Screenshot ofSIS: Class Selected

6. To add more classes, click the “return to Keyword Search page” link and repeat steps 3, 4 and 5.

Screenshot of SIS: Class Search and Enroll-3

7. Click “Student Center” to return and then Click the Financial Account tile to see any tuition and fees you may owe.

  • Depending on when you register, you may have tuition due the same day you register. If you do not make payment arrangements by the due date, you will be dropped from your classes.

Screenshot of SIS: Financial Account

Need Help?

For assistance with these steps, email or call 480-517-8080.