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Enrollment Step 4: Register for Classes

Step 4 - How to Register for Classes

1. Go to your Student Center at Log in using your MEID as your User ID and enter your Password.

SIS Login

2. Click the Add a Class option under Enrollment.

Note: You will still have a ‘Special Admissions’ hold on your account but all other holds should be removed prior to attempting course registration. If you still have an "Under 18" or "Concurrent High School" hold on your account, Enrollment Steps 2 and/or 3 have not yet been completed and/or processed.

Step 2 - Add a Class

3. Select the row that has the Term and Institution (Rio Salado College) you want. Then, click Continue.


4. Enter the course number of your class in the Enter Class Nbr field and select Continue. If you are unsure of your course number, go to Participating High Schools and select your school to look up the correct course number for your instructor and class session.



5. Confirm the class information and then click Next.



Note: If you are adding more than one course, you will need to repeat steps 4 & 5 as many times as necessary.

6. Once your Shopping Cart is complete, click Proceed to Step 2 of 3.


7. Review your class selection(s). If everything is correct, click Finish Enrolling!


Need Help?

For assistance with these steps, email or call 480-517-8080.