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Honors FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

The Presidents' Honors Scholarship must be applied for within two academic semesters following high school graduation or completion of an equivalent secondary educational program. 

The Honors Achievement Award can be applied for at least 10 days before a student’s fall or spring semester is set to begin. 

In-person dual enrollment or dental students can apply after their in-person classes have started, so long as there are 10 weeks left in their semester.

Students on F1 Visas are eligible to apply for the Honors Achievement Award with an I-94 on file.

For all students, an HB2008 State Residency Form (Declaration of Residency) must be completed to receive the scholarship funds.

You can schedule a Zoom meeting here:
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Or give us a call at 480-517-8521
We ask students to please leave a detailed message with their name, MEID, and the specific reason for the call. Leaving a detailed message allows the Honors Office to return the call with the requested information and resources.