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Military FAQs

FAQs related to these topics:

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  • Homework.
  • Grades.

You must complete 25% of the total credit hours required for a certificate at Rio Salado College, and transfer in the remaining requirements. For degrees, you must complete at least 12 credit hours of courses required for your degree, and transfer in the remaining requirements.

Please refer to section 2.3.9 in the Rio Salado Academic Catalog.

Please review the Residency for Tuition Purposes. You will need to complete the Residency Paperwork; MCCCD Domicile Affidavit & Lawful Presence for Admissions and Records prior to the start of your scheduled courses.

All students must verify U.S. citizenship or lawful presence to be eligible for in-state tuition. Students using VA Education Benefits who don't otherwise qualify for the in-state tuition rate must submit a Student Veteran Domicile Affidavit and attach documentation to support it. Active military, their spouses and children must submit a MCCCD Domicile Affidavit and attach supporting documentation. Information and instructions for verifying citizenship/lawful presence and Domicile Affidavit forms can be found at .

If you have taken and passed the correct prerequisite course at another college, submit a Prerequisite Verification Request Form and attach a copy of your transcript. After your request is processed, you will be notified and enrolled in the course. Processing time is one to five business days.

If you're a New Student please visit Start at Rio Salado for Military.

If you are using Tuition Assistance for the Army, you must enroll with GoArmyEd. You can use these two links: to enroll in a class or use your course planner to enroll. Even if you are student funded and are serving the Army Branch, you must still register using GoArmyEd or they will not show that you've completed your course. 

If you're not using Tuition Assistance, you can register in your Student Center on However, Learn more about Adding a Class

You can also contact a Military Advisor at (800) 517-8590 or Military.Advisor@riosalado.edufor assistance with course selection.We receive your request within 24 hours and will send a confirmation once enrolled.

If you are using Tuition Assistance some branches take longer than others for Approval:

Army = 7 days prior to enrollment but courses close in GoArmyEd 2 weeks prior, contact Military Advisement if you're planning last minute and make sure you already have your course materials in advance. Remember, Rio Salado College is an LOI (Letters of Instruction) educational institution and all courses must be processed in GoArmyEd for approval. 

Air Force, Marines; Coast Gaurd, Navy = 14 days Prior to chosen enrollment start date.

If you are paying out of pocket or setting up a Payment plan, You can begin courses on any available start date you'd like if not in a Block Schedule (Ex.Degree Seeking Student). If in Block, please utilize the Block Planning Tool to help register your approved start dates.

You will be able to access your Rio Salado College course 7 days prior to your start date.

Please review your syllabus for each class, there will be information about homework submission. If you have a question regarding your homework, email your instructor for assistance.

Unless a shorter time frame is specified in the syllabus, online students may be removed from their classes aft er 14 days of non-participation with a Withdrawn Failing (Y) grade, which counts like an F in GPA calculation. If you receive financial aid of any kind, it is your responsibility to protect your eligibility to receive financial aid by meeting the active participation requirements of your online class.

Please refer to section 2.3.2 in Rio Salado Academic Catalog.

Your instructor will keep you up-to date on grades for your assignments. Final grades are usually posted to your transcript 1-4 weeks after the end date of the class. You are able to access your grades through your Student Center.