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FAQs related to these topics:

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  • Testing
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Before you can get a Student Agreement Form, you must complete a Transcript Evaluation Request Form. Once all prior credit has been evaluated towards a degree program offered by Rio Salado College, you will be contacted by a Military Advisor to your student email. We will go over remaining course selections and results of your evaluation. Once completed, a copy of the SAF is sent to you as a courtesy via E-mail so that you can use it as a guide when selecting courses toward your academic program.

For GoArmyEd students a copy will be uploaded to GoArmyEd to be posted on the portal. You will be required to show your SAF to your education office and or sign, then upload your digital signed copy to the portal as well. Failure to complete this task may result in a flag on your account holding you from enrollment until you have a SAF on file. This process ranges from 5-7 business days once submitted to GoArmyEd.

Contact our Military Advisement Team
Local Maricopa county students: (480) 517-8590
Toll-Free: (800) 517-8590

Your Student Agreement Form (SAF) will list credit received and remaining course requirements.

Exams are presented in two forms: At-Home or as a Proctored Exam. Please read your Syllabus to see if you require a Proctor Request Form during the first week of each class.You can submit the Proctor Request Form online at: Rio Salado Proctor Request. You can ask a Second Lieutenant or higher to proctor your placement exam where you are stationed or have your Education Center on base proctor your exam.

Please visit the Testing Page for current testing procedures or restrictions.

If you are in-state, you can take your placement test at any of the Maricopa Community College testing locations. Just call in advance for their hours of operation. Here are Rio Salado Locations.

With regard to a placement exam, you can also pay a fee to take it with 

Placement Proctoring Process

Students NOT located in Maricopa county at the time of testing may arrange to take their placement exam(s) at an Approved Accuplacer Remote Testing location or use the approved Remote Virtual Online proctoring service: 

Please note the following conditions:

  • Remote testing is arranged for students located outside Maricopa County
  • There may be proctoring fees required. The fee is the responsibility of the student.

Students who are out of the country may have limited test sites available. In this case, please contact the Rio Salado Testing center at 480-517-8560 or by email at
Steps to setting up a placement exam:

  1. Contact a testing center in your area (local college/university) to ask them if the test center is an Approved ACCUPLACER Remote Testing Location and if they are willing to proctor your ACCUPLACER math, reading or WritePlacer placement tests.
  2. Once you have confirmed your proctor is willing and able to administer your ACCUPLACER placement exams, please submit a Proctor Request Form here. State it will be with Proctor Name:, Proctor Title:, and Institution:
  3. Your request may take 1-2 weeks to be processed and you will receive a confirmation email one your testing voucher has been sent to your proctor.
  4. Student will contact Proctor to set up and appointment to test. Please ensure to take your email confirmation with you to test.

If you have questions about your request or placement testing procedures, please contact Rio Salado College Testing at (480) 517-8560. 
For more information on ACCUPLACER Study Materials, Policies and Scores please click Here.   

You can contact the Military Advisement Team at Rio Salado College by email at or by phone at (480)517-8590 or toll-free at (800)517-8590 to request course placement results.

You can place an order for your books at the online Bookstore. Upon checkout, you will be sent an Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) based on ZIP or Country Code. Be sure to allow plenty of time to ensure book arrival prior to the start date of your course.