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Step 4: Pay Tuition, Fees and Books

View Your Owed Balance

Check your online Student Center at for your owed balance and payment due dates. Rio Salado College does not mail invoices for owed tuition. You can print a copy of your invoice in your Student Center. All balances must be paid prior to future enrollments.

Pay Your Tuition, Fees and Books

How to make payment

Access Your Classes

Get started in RioLearn to get information about:

Note: Be sure to look at your registered courses in RioLearn soon. Some assignments might be due the first week of class.

Check Your To Do list

Be sure to check your official Maricopa student email account and your To Do list in your Student Center at for important messages. Click each item in your To Do list to learn about actions you may be requested to perform.

Save Money on Textbooks

Rio Salado College offers a Textbook rentals and buyback options to help you save money.

Now that you've successfully registered, we'd like to welcome you to the Rio Salado College Community.

Need Assistance?

Military: email or call 480-517-8590
Veterans: email or call 480-517-8154