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Super Sibling Duo Exceeds Academic Goals

Ann Marie and Ethan Jamieson

Super Sibling Duo Exceeds Academic Goals

Ethan and Ann Jamieson exemplify a powerful sibling duo: academically driven to follow up on their goals. The siblings each earned two 2-year degrees through Rio Salado College’s Dual Enrollment program while they were still in high school.

“We feel they matured faster, stayed out of trouble, received better grades, and worked harder than they would have if they had not been working toward their associate degrees while in high school,” Amy Jamieson, their mom, said. By including Rio Salado Dual Enrollment courses in Ethan and Ann’s high school plan, the siblings were able to bring themselves closer to their ultimate goals.

Ethan, being the older sibling, heard about Dual Enrollment during his freshman year at his high school orientation and went on to discover more. Ethan said he didn’t plan on getting multiple degrees, but in the end conversations with his high school and Rio advisors, “made it possible to attain that goal.”

As someone who works full time and plans on attending a 4-year university after high school, he is extremely appreciative to get college credits early and at a better price. “Dual enrollment saved me time and money. I was already taking these classes in high school and dual enrollment from Rio allows me to double dip and take classes necessary for college,” said Ethan.

Ann followed in her brother's footsteps as she entered high school and also ended up with two degrees. Although she didn’t plan on getting two degrees, just like Ethan, with the help of Rio advisors and her counselors at school, she achieved this goal. With her two degrees, she says, “I am able to take higher level classes my first year at ASU. I no longer have to worry about taking my general education credits.” 

Having her degrees also opens her up to other opportunities outside of college. “It allows me to look for jobs while in college that require an associate degree,” says Ann. Their parents noted that one semester at ASU is approximately the same cost as their daughter’s two completed associate degrees.

Now high school graduates, Ethan plans to obtain his bachelor’s degree at ASU in political science and Ann is attending Barrett, the Honors College at ASU, for biomedical sciences and afterward plans on going to medical school. 

They both advise that future students reach out and take as many Rio classes as possible and they agree that the advanced courses are worth the thousands you can save. “Get started in the program early. Start looking in eighth and ninth grade for an opportunity for dual enrollment classes,” says Amy, their mom. Another important factor they all mentioned is to stay in contact with Rio advisors. They have your best interest at heart and will help you achieve your educational goals, they said.

If you are interested in dual enrollment or have any questions please reach out to 480-517-8080 and/or click here to learn more!

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