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Where Are They Now Alumni Profile - Meet Jeff Read

photo of graduate with text: Where are they now? Meet Jeff Read

Where Are They Now Alumni Profile - Meet Jeff Read

A Nanotech Career Knows No Age Limits!

Jeff Read is living proof that nanotechnology knows no limits.

At 49, Read found himself facing a career crossroads.

“To make a career change at this point in life is, it can be difficult, but I felt that furthering my education would increase my employability,” Read said.

When it came to choosing an educational program, Read decided to pursue a field that piqued his interest.

“I was drawn to nanotechnology because of my interest in developing scientific discoveries,” Read said. “I felt that it would add to my academic background and enhance my resume and career opportunities.”

After Read decided what he wanted to study, he next turned to selecting a college that offered his chosen program.

“I chose to attend Rio Salado because of the convenience of online classes in a cutting-edge science program while working full-time,” Read said. “Home study does require some self- discipline. I had to structure my study time to fit with full-time employment.”

In addition to the flexibility of online classes, Read especially enjoyed the nanotechnology academic program offered by Rio Salado. 

“The entire program was inspiring and an incredible experience,” Read said. “The instructor, Jim Hyder, and department chair Dr. Rick Vaughn were fantastic and provided many opportunities to gain valuable experiences.”

Students in the program are offered virtual labs and hands-on experience with Rio Salado’s college partners.

Read singled out laboratory experiences as being especially beneficial to his learning.

“There were so many opportunities, from the workshops to the hands-on labs at Arizona State University and the University of New Mexico,” Read said.

Read attended a pressure sensor workshop at the University of New Mexico and later earned the National Science Foundation’s Certificate of Academic Excellence at the 2017 Advanced Technological Education Principal Investigators Conference in Washington D.C. 

Conference attendees represented community colleges, business and industry, and four-year colleges covering projects in a variety of areas such as information technology, engineering technology, micro- and nanotechnologies, chemical technology, biotechnology, and more.

“Winning an academic award at an international conference was truly an unbelievable experience that I’m so proud to have been involved with,” Read said.

In 2018, Read completed Rio Salado’s nanotechnology certificate program. Today he is employed in FDA-licensed manufacturing in the dental industry and looking to continue his education.

“Earning the certificate reinforces my educational background and proves my ability to learn and adapt to state-of-the-art technology,” Read said. “My future aspirations include consistently furthering education, especially science-related.”

He encourages others to consider entering the nanotechnology field.

“Everything about the nanotechnology program at Rio Salado is life enhancing,” Read said. "Nanotechnology is the basis of the future. The career opportunities are endless. For my future, nanotechnology knows no limits.”

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By Mira Radovich, Senior Contributing Writer

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