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Counseling Corner: Student Services Can Lead To Student Success

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Counseling Corner: Student Services Can Lead To Student Success

Graduation is a major milestone in a student’s life. Achieving your academic goals is a great accomplishment; it also marks an important transition in a student’s life as they prepare to either enter the professional world or move into a new field or position relevant to their studies. Joining the workforce can be a daunting task, but you won’t have to do it alone: Rio Salado College has student services available to help guide you through the sometimes-confusing process of job hunting.

As a student at Rio Salado, it’s important you know that the college’s doors are open to you even after you graduate. Rio’s career services are available to current students and graduates.

Counseling and Career Services

Rio Salado has a team of counselors that can help you set personal, educational, and career goals. Rio’s counselors are available to help students deal with issues that may be impacting their academic performance. But in addition to helping students address stress, anxiety, study skills, and time management issues, Rio Salado’s counseling team can also assist by providing assistance with resume writing, interview preparation, and job search skills.

College and Career Success Classes

For current and incoming students, Rio Salado offers three student success classes. These courses are geared toward helping students choose the career path that is right for them. They also provide tips on how to develop study plans, identify your personal learning style, and give you the tools and knowledge you’ll need to set ambitious yet achievable academic and personal goals.

  • Career Exploration (CPD102AB) focuses on current occupational trends and outlooks. This class is designed to assist students in making informed career decisions and helps them find their strengths through assessments.

  • Creating College Success (CPD115) teaches methods for selecting and developing effective academic strategies and self-management strategies.

  • Strategies For College Success (CPD150) focuses on increasing student success through college orientation and personal growth. This course will help students develop study skills, as well as helping them with educational and career planning.

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