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How to Navigate an Online Hiring Event

Woman on computer with text How to Navigate an Online Hiring Event

How to Navigate an Online Hiring Event

Your transition from military service to civilian life can start while you are still in the military or when you’ve been in the civilian world for some time. Online hiring events make career transitions easier, and with new technologies in place, have become the norm in today’s world. Virtual events are a new standard practice for employers who have learned to accomplish their hiring goals with social distancing in place. You can attend and interview from wherever you are while searching for a new career. These services are FREE to job seekers! There is zero cost for you to attend.

What is an online virtual hiring event and how does it work? Virtual hiring events take place in an online platform, run between two- and four-hours long, and include access to hiring managers from one company or from several companies who have collaborated to hold the event. 

The benefits are many and include instant resume reviews. Attend from the comfort of your own home, local coffee shop, or anywhere that is convenient for you. There are instant interviews without having to wait long and the ability to apply for positions you are interested in on the company website prior to attending.

Gain access using your desktop computer, laptop, cell phone or tablet, and interview for several positions all in one day without having to travel to a specific location. Food for thought: applying in advance puts you a step ahead of others competing for the same job. So you can complete your application on the company website, and attend the virtual event to speak with the hiring manager or recruiter without waiting for them to contact you. However, employers may reach out once your application is in, and ask you to set aside a specific time to interview during the virtual event. 

There are several steps to prepare for and navigate a virtual job fair, and we’ve put together this valuable information to help you understand the process. 


  • Research the companies attending the event to be sure their values align with yours. Go to the companies websites and read their mission and vision statements and employee reviews to determine if they are a place you want to work.
  • Check job descriptions for open positions to see if you meet the qualifications.
  • View the “careers” section on company websites to find positions that you are interested in and submit an application. Be sure to upload your resume here, as well.
  • Know the media required to take part in the event – video, signage, and applications technology
  • Practice a short summary of yourself.  Interviewers want to learn more about you, so having a 30-second elevator speech to describe your past work history is essential.


  • Most virtual platforms will require you to create a username and password to login. Once you complete this step, you can register for the event. 
  • Put the date and time on your calendar and set a reminder to attend.


  • Arrange a safe, quiet space, without interruptions.
  • Grab a notepad and pen/pencil to take notes and gather contact information.
  • Make sure technology is working – video, audio, internet connection.
  • Login to the virtual job fair on the designated date and time, and check-in to let the host and employers know that you are there, online, and ready to interview.
  • Proceed to visit all the employers at their virtual booths, view their job openings, and interview in private rooms or webcasts. 
  • Be prepared to meet in a virtual space via chat rooms, teleconferencing, webcasts and/or text and email to exchange information about job postings. Source: (Indeed,2020)


  • Body Language is important – be upbeat, enthusiastic, optimistic
  • Look at your webcam instead of looking at the interviewer on the screen.
  • Have thorough knowledge about the job you’re interviewing for, as well as information about the company.

MCCCD and PipelineAZ have partnered together to develop information and assist you with your career transition from the military to civilian life. Learn how to set up your space for a virtual interview here: How To Command A Video Interview

Pipeline AZ has created a specialized site for Arizona military and veteran communities. To learn more about job opportunities, connecting with local employers and taking online assessments to help with your career search, please visit

This article is produced in partnership with the Maricopa Community Colleges and Pipeline AZ to help military and veteran communities transition back to civilian life, connect and succeed. Funding for this initiative is made possible in part by the Maricopa County Community Colleges Foundation

Contributed by Jane Denton, Project Manager, SR-Student Affairs-Veteran Services and Angela Ambrosia, Success Coach, Student Affairs-Veteran Services

Reference: (November 30, 2020) Guide:  How to Succeed at a Virtual Hiring Event. Retrieved from:

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