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Rio Salado College Instructional Helpdesk Helps Students Stay Connected

photo of the Instructional Help Desk staff and Rio's mascot Splash

Rio Salado College Instructional Helpdesk Helps Students Stay Connected 

As a student at Rio Salado College, you have a wide range of services and resources available to you. One of the most invaluable resources is Rio’s Instructional Helpdesk. The Instructional Helpdesk team works with our student population, staff, and our adjunct faculty. The Helpdesk assists our students with using our RioLearn online learning platform while also providing our adjunct faculty with faculty & instructional support. We want to let you know how they can help you with your Rio Salado experience.

What Does the Instructional Helpdesk Do for Students?

It can feel like you're on your own when you're learning online. but that's not the case at Rio Salado. Our Helpdesk is here to help you stay in touch with your teachers and make sure you're comfortable using all the digital learning tools at your disposal. 

The Instructional Helpdesk can help you:

  • If you need assistance with navigating RioLearn (reviewing instructor feedback, using the Message Center, submitting assignments)
  • If you’re trying to reach your instructor and haven’t received a response.
  • If there’s a missing item in your lab kit or you’ve received an item that’s broken, and you need to know the process of requesting replacements.
  • If you’re unsure as to what campus resources are available to you and would like a referral.
  • If you have a student complaint or grade grievance and want to know the MCCD process.

When a Student Succeeds, so Does the Helpdesk

When asked about the best part of working with students, the Instructional Helpdesk team members (Lisa Byers, Ruth Embleton, Andrea Romo, and Shay Vasudeva) said  “helping them be successful at Rio Salado so that they can move toward their personal and professional goals. When it comes to instructional dilemmas and situations where students don’t know where to turn to, we can help them so they are able to move forward.”

The Instructional Helpdesk team credits a part of the Helpdesk’s effectiveness to the fact that many of her colleagues know what it’s like to be on the other side of the table in staff-student interactions. “When we were students, we were assisted similarly,” the Helpdesk team said. “We enjoy adding a measure of care to their school experience."

In addition to providing services to Rio Salado students and staff, the Helpdesk works closely with other projects and initiatives. These collaborations include New Student Orientation (NSO), Adjunct Faculty Development (AFD), Adjunct Faculty Evaluations, and college-wide outreach efforts.

How to Get in Touch

The Instructional Helpdesk can be reached at (480) 517-8380 or via email at The Helpdesk is open both in-person and virtually from 7 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Monday-Friday. If you need help outside of their normal hours of operation, please contact Carolyn Wesley at 480-517-8383 or via email at

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