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One Day at a Time: Tips to Stay on Top of Class Work

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One Day at a Time: Tips to Stay on Top of Class Work

Look Ahead: Look at assignments the day before your week starts so you have an idea of which assignments will take longer. 

Prioritize Work: Figure out what assignments will need peer review and do those first so the reviewer has time to evaluate your work.

Work Backward: Read the assignment carefully before starting required readings so you know what information you'll need to complete your homework/paper and what info you can skim.

Don’t Dwell: If you get stuck on a paper/assignment, move on to another and revisit it later with fresh eyes.

Draw from Your Knowledge and Interests: Select assignment topics you're interested in or in which you have some knowledge. For example, if you want to become a counselor and can select "any topic" for an assignment/paper, choose from topics in the field of counseling to research.

Pace Yourself: Work a little each night toward the big assignments so you know what direction you're going in. Then finish the big assignments on Friday or Saturday.

Look away; then look back: Edit all papers one final time before submitting. It's important to review everything with fresh eyes.

Reflect on Your Work: Review instructor feedback on each assignment so you don't repeat mistakes.

Know What You’re Being Graded On: Read the grading criteria first and last to make sure you provided appropriate information, format, word count and length.

Contributed by Jacqueline Elliott, Rio Salado College Addictions and Substance Use Disorders student, full-time worker and single mom. Her short-term goal is to become a certified addictions counselor. Her long-term goal is to earn a master’s degree and become a licensed clinical counselor.

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