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Where Are They Now Alumni Profile - Camille Zaleski

Where Are They Now Camille Zaleski

Where Are They Now Alumni Profile - Camille Zaleski

Although it’s only been a year since Camille Zaleski graduated from Rio Salado College, the proud alumni is already reaping the success of her education.

“I graduated in May 2020, the first virtual graduation,” Zaleski said. “I have an associate in accounting and an associate in business. I also earned certificates in accounting, business and
computer usage and applications. It took me seven years, but I did it!”

All of the business coursework helped prepare Zaleski, who is originally from New Jersey, for career success. She now works as a Senior Credit and Collection Analyst for Wesco, an electrical

“This is exactly the job I wanted, working for the company I wanted to work for and with amazing coworkers,” Zaleski said.

As a single mother, Zaleski chose to pursue her education at Rio Salado, where online classes allowed her to continue working.

“Rio’s online classes allowed me the flexibility to study when I had time,” Zaleski said. “When I started at Rio, my son was in high school. I wanted to set an example for him. I worked full time and was a band booster mom. I needed flexibility due to all the activities we had at the time.”

Zaleski began by taking just one class to test the waters of online learning.

“I enjoyed it,” Zaleski said. “There is a learning curve to each class and teacher.  It was a little intimidating submitting my first essay in over 30 years, but I did it.  The instructors were all helpful with feedback designed to push me to be better.”

She advises anyone considering online learning to stick with it, even if it is challenging at first.

“Keep your end goal in sight and reach out to all the resources available,” Zaleski said. “There will be classes that are easier than others, and that is normal. To get through the math classes, I spent some time at the tutoring center. It is amazing that so many people are available to help you on your journey.”

Zaleski said Rio Salado was instrumental in preparing her for her future.

“Going to Rio helped me in so many ways,” Zaleski said. “I became a better writer. My business correspondence is often complimented. Most of all, accomplishing my educational goal gave me the confidence to pursue my career goals. This confidence filters down to other aspects of my life.”

For the future, Zaleski’s goals are two-fold. She wants to rediscover her love of art and continue her career success.

“I would like to do more of my art,” Zaleski said. “In addition to painting and drawing, I am learning stained glass and want to set up a studio in my garage. I also want to further my career at Wesco. I am not sure how far I will go, but I will just take it one step at a time and see where it takes me.”

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