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Adult ACE Student Earns Rio Salado College's First Academic Certificate in Language and Literary Culture of the USA

photo with text: Meet Adult ACE student Jose Ivan Lauterio photo of Jose Ivan Lauterio  with Adult ACE staff members

Adult ACE Student Earns Rio Salado College's First Academic Certificate in Language and Literary Culture of the USA

Rio Salado Adult Education would like to congratulate Jose “Ivan” Lauterio on earning Rio Salado College’s first Language and Literary Culture of the USA academic certificate.

Jose “Ivan” Lauterio participated in the Adult ACE Participants Scholarship program. He completed the Adult ACE program, a two-year scholarship program that supports adult students, in 2019 with 18 college credits and continued working toward a certificate and degree with the Adult ACE Participant's Scholarship.

Established in 2018, the Adult ACE Participant scholarship is funded by donations and managed by MCCCD Foundation. It supports Adult ACE students and completers exclusively, like Ivan, to help them continue on with college classes post-Adult ACE program.

In 2021, Lauterio became the first student in the Adult ACE program to earn the academic certificate in Language and Literary Culture of the USA. The certificate is a new offering for Rio Salado and is closely aligned with the Adult ACE course sequence. Ivan is now working to earn an associate of arts degree in administration of justice and then a bachelor’s degree. To date, he has completed 46 credits with an impressive 3.35 GPA.

Ivan states, "When I first began my journey with Rio, I was unsure of the outcome, but through perseverance, I discovered my potential. In my quest, I remain open-minded. It’s not about the destination; it’s about the journey." 

Like most students, Ivan faced challenges while he continued his education. 

“When I first started my journey with Rio Salado College, I struggled with time management,” he said. “I always understood the value of time, but I learned that to accomplish my goals, I must sacrifice many things. This understanding came from endless late nights studying and writing papers. The biggest challenge has been working a full-time job while still managing everything, though I learned to do my tasks early to get them out of the way and have time for my personal life, including personal goals. The challenge I face now is completing my associates degree. I am nearly done with this journey, and my main focus is to keep working hard to make it a reality.” 

Ivan’s ultimate goal is to become an Arizona State Trooper.

“This is something I feel passionate about. The course I have chosen is preparing me for this career. Most importantly, it prepares me to help others in the criminal justice system and protect others.”

Ivan’s journey has significantly impacted his family and community.

”I am the first in my family to pursue a college education,” he said. “My journey and experiences have helped me be the best version of myself each day and show others in my community that anything is possible. I am a part of many communities. Becoming a state trooper will allow me to provide them safety and many other benefits.”

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