Rio Students Get Free Access To Rosetta Stone


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Monday, August 22, 2022
Free Access to Rosetta Stone

The historical Rosetta Stone is an object of immense historical importance. Carved on a stele of granodiorite, this ancient decree by King Ptolemy V Epiphanes was the skeleton key for archaeologists and linguists to decode ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. Because of that, “rosetta stone” has become a catch-all term for translations and decodings. It’s no wonder that Rosetta Stone, a very popular and reliable immersive language learning program, took inspiration for its name from this grand historic slab.

For decades the Rosetta Stone software has been in-demand for its ability to teach a wide variety of languages, building fluency and confidence in learners. One potential stumbling block for new users is its price tag, but that’s not something that Rio Salado students have to worry about. Rio students get free access to Rosetta Stone! You don’t have to take language courses with Rio to qualify—you can be enrolled in any program or class and enjoy a free subscription to Rosetta Stone.

For more information on how to access this unique benefit, go to this page.

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