Supervising Practitioner


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Supervising Practitioner

Rio Salado College thanks you for taking part in elevating and enhancing the profession of teaching. Your time and expertise mentoring a Rio Salado student is highly valued.

All approved supervising practitioners must complete an online Supplier Registration for Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) and submit the electronic W‐9 form to receive a stipend payment. Please complete the Supplier Registration as soon as possible, as payment processing takes an average eight (8 )weeks after the student’s final grade is posted.

If you have previously obtained a Supplier Identification Number (SIN), within the last two years, then a new (SIN) is not required.

Student Teaching

Stipend Payment

12-weeks Full-Time


Supplier Registration Instructions

If you are experiencing difficulties registering through the Supplier Registration Portal, contact the MCCCD Purchasing Department at