Step 2: Get Admitted


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Step 2: Get Admitted

Ready to get Started?

Now that you’ve reviewed the program options, you’ll create your student account and complete the Student Admissions Application. Keep in mind, there are two admission requirements: 

  1. Maricopa Community College Admission into Rio Salado College - Student ID, MEID, email account, etc.
  2. Program Admission acceptance into the Traditional or the Teacher in Residence Post Baccalaureate preparation programs. 

College Admission - Download the Checklist 

Download this checklist to help you record your progress as you proceed through the registration process.

Teacher Education Checklist

Record the following information:

Apply for College Admission Online

In this step you will:

  • Create your Maricopa Enterprise ID (also known as MEID)
  • Complete the admission application by adding your personal information
  • Admit yourself to Rio Salado College
  • Select your program of study

If you started your application more than 48 hours ago, you'll need to start a new application.

Apply for College Admission Online

You can also Apply for Admission in Person

Applicants may apply for admission in-person at Rio Salado College, Tempe. Bring a printed copy of the Student Admissions Application (English version | Spanish version) to the Rio Salado College Admissions, Registration and Records department.

Tip: You can reserve your place in line at Admissions, Registration and Records using the QLess system. For information, see Save Your Place in Line on the department's webpage. Be sure to bring official transcripts of any high school and/or college credits along with you.

Submitting Proof of Your Identification and Lawful Present in the U.S.

Learn more

Select Your Program of Study

When choosing the Educator Preparation Program, follow the steps on this downloadable PDF:

Select Program of Study

Pre-Financial Planning

Consider all your options when planning how you will pay for your Rio Salado Classes.

Paying for College

The options for paying for college include paying it in one payment or through financial aid, military benefits, scholarships and scheduled payment plans.