Program Application Process


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Program Application

All potential teacher candidates wishing to enroll in the traditional post baccalaureate program are required to be admitted to both Maricopa Community College and the Rio Salado Educator Preparation Program.

RSC Program applications must be submitted two weeks prior to the intended start date and can only be submitted after being fully admitted to Maricopa and Rio Salado College.

Level I: Traditional Program Application requirements include:

  1. Application Checklist - Use this to ensure that you have completed all the requirements for application.
  2. Traditional Post Baccalaureate Application - Should only be submitted after obtaining the IVP fingerprint clearance and requesting Official Bachelor’s degree transcripts (see Application Checklist for more details).
  3. Transcript Evaluation Form – To be used only if you have prior education that may meet the current certification guidelines of the program.
  4. Teacher Waiver Form – Non Resident (PDF) – Please read and sign accordingly if you have resided in Arizona for less than one year or your Arizona ID issue date is less than one year.  Follow directions on the next page.
  5. Maximum Time Frame Appeal
  6. CAP - Planning Tool – Please map out your courses using this tool to assist in completing your program in a timely manner. For assistance in completing the CAP for please schedule a time to meet with a Rio Salado Staff member

Teacher Education Program Application

To continue with an application you saved


Students must formally apply to Level II methods courses of the Educator Preparation Program after successfully completing all Level I foundations coursework. Formal approval is required for all students seeking to enroll in Level II methods coursework and student teaching. All students must elect to complete student teaching or waive student teaching once all Level II formal application requirements have been met.

Option 1: Formal Application into Level II

  1. Applications must be received at least six months prior to the anticipated student teaching start date. 
  2. Applicants must hold an overall 3.0 GPA or better in all Educator Preparation Program coursework.  Course grades must be C or better.  Final grades of D or F must have been retaken successfully.
  3. Applications must submit a passing score report for the appropriate Subject Knowledge AEPA/NES exam. Information and registration for the AEPA/NES is available at: Exception: Special Education: Mild to Moderate Program does not require a passing subject knowledge exam

If all requirements listed above have been met, submit the Student Teaching Placement Request via the Online Field Experience Request portal

Upon acceptance into Level II, you will be provided clearance to registering for Level II courses.

Option 2: Student Teaching Waiver Acknowledgment Form

Traditional Post Baccalaureate students ONLY.

For certification, the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) will allow two years of verified full-time teaching experience in the appropriate grade/subject levels to substitute for student teaching. Applicants who have a verified evaluation from ADE and wish to waive student teaching must submit an online Student Teaching Waiver Acknowledgment via the Online Field Experience Request portal. When you have successfully submitted the Student Teaching Waiver Acknowledgment, you will be provided Level II clearance and can register for your Level II courses.