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Fall online courses will continue as scheduled and remote student services are available now. Some in-person services and instruction may become available this fall. Check here for the lastest service hours and for the latest COVID-19 updates.

Program Application

  1. Application Checklist - Use this to ensure that you have completed all the requirements for application.
  2. TIR Application - Should only be submitted if you have already: passed the NES or AEPA Subject Knowledge exam, have an IVP fingerprint clearance card and Official transcripts of the Bachelor's degree sent directly to Rio Salado College.
  3. Transcript Evaluation Form – To be used only if you have EDU coursework that is no older than ten years.
  4. Teacher Waiver Form – Non Resident (PDF) – Please read and sign accordingly if you have resided in Arizona for less than one year or your Arizona ID issue date is less than one year. Follow directions on the next page.
  5. Maximum Time Frame Appeal (PDF) – Please read and sign accordingly, if seeking financial aid.
  6. Specific Teaching Environments
    1. ELD CLASSROOM: Teacher Candidates employed in an ELD CLASSROOM ONLY must complete either a 3-credit hour SEI course of 45-clock hour SEI workshop prior to being accepted into the program.
    2. Private School Special Education Setting: Teacher candidates employed at a private school serving a significant number of students receiving special education services must complete nine observation hours in a setting that represents an inclusive or a resource environment that spans across the special education continuum of services.

Teacher in Residence Program Application

To continue with an application you saved

If you have completed your SEI course requirement through Rio Salado College(EDU220, EDU232 or EDU251), you can obtain an official transcript in-person from our Registration Desk. You must submit the transcript along with your application. If you reside in Maricopa County, ADE requires that you personally take your application packet to ADE for processing after Rio Salado College has verified all application paperwork.

If you are outside Maricopa County, please fill out the transcript form and fax it to TIR at 480-377-4713. Be sure to mark "Deliver to" with Attn: TIR Department. A TIR staff member will take your completed application packet to ADE on your behalf.

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