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What is Nanotechnology?

Think small. Extremely small. Nanotechnology is where science, engineering and technology meet—at the nanoscale. With this study, nano technicians are able to manipulate individual atoms and molecules to change the properties of tools and products. And this science can be used in industries such as manufacturing, engineering, biology, chemistry, and more.

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Rich Vaughn

Rick Vaughn

Faculty Chair, STEM Initiatives

Rio Salado College

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The Future is Nanotechnology

Female explaing Nanotechnology  


At 49, Jeff is living proof that it’s never too late to make a career change. And nanotechnology shows a wealth of possibilities.

Female explaing Nanotechnology  


Dreaming of a better future, Christina found the nanotechnology program to be the perfect solution to furthering her science education.

Female explaing Nanotechnology  


With 18 years of experience, Jim is proud to have helped create the innovative and progressive six-course program at Rio Salado College.


The building blocks to new discoveries are at your fingertips. From space exploration to finding new ways to treat cancer or develop the next microchip for tech products, the options are truly limitless with nanotechnology.

Other Benefits

The Nanotechnology program at Rio Salado College is undertaking the work to increase the employee pool for the nanotechnology industry thanks to a $300,000 grant awarded through the National Science Foundation as part of Advanced Technological Education. The Rio Salado initiative aims to train 30 micro- and nano technicians. Headed by Dr. Rick Vaughn and in collaboration with Dr. Trevor Thorton at Arizona State University, the project, will enable Rio Salado to offer a six-course certificate and an associate degree in nanotechnology.

National Science Foundation Grant

Want to see how far Nano can take you?

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Want to see how far Nano can take you?

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