College Catalog


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College Catalog

Published at the beginning of the academic year, the catalog contains the necessary information for you to plan your degree at Rio Salado.

What can you do with your college catalog?

You can use the catalog to:

  • Plan your degree program
  • Set next semester's class schedule
  • Look up policies on grading, and more

It also includes information about Rio Salado's:

  • Student support services
  • Registration
  • Financial services
  • Educational partnerships
  • Maricopa Community Colleges District-wide programs
  • Find a program of interest, review the required courses and start making plans on which course(s) to enroll in for next semester.

Updated annually, previous editions are archived and can be viewed online.

Refer to the class schedule search for information on the most current available classes.

Note: For any questions regarding completion of associate degrees and graduation requirements, please refer to the MCCCD policy: 2.2.5 Catalog Under Which a Student Graduates.

RSC 2023-24 Catalog

RSC 2023-24 Catalog

For questions concerning the catalog, course schedules or Admissions and Registration information contact 480-517-8540.

It is important to obtain information related to your educational and career goals early. All students are encouraged to work with an academic advisor and/or counselor.