Prerequisites Approval Process


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Some classes at Rio Salado College have prerequisite educational requirements you must meet before you can enroll in the class.

Prerequisites from Other Institutions

To fulfill a prerequisite requirement, Rio Salado may consider classes you successfully completed at other U.S. regionally accredited universities, colleges or ACE evaluated programs. Prerequisite verification requests are done on a case-by-case basis with the purpose of establishing equivalency with Rio Salado. 

Provisional Teaching Certificate Prerequisites

If you want to enroll in a course that requires a provisional or standard elementary, secondary or special education teaching certificate, send a copy of your teaching certification to Rio Salado using the link below.

Submit a Request

If you are using a previous college or university class to meet the placement requirements from outside the Maricopa Community Colleges network, submit unofficial transcripts along with the Prerequisite Verification Request Form for evaluation.

Submit a request to have classes from other institutions evaluated using this link:

Prerequisite Verification Form for Students


Prerequisites Approval Process

After the prerequisite verification process, you are notified and enrolled if it is determined that you have satisfied the prerequisite requirement. Requests are processed by start date, meaning courses beginning earlier in the semester are given priority. All students should expect a response no later than 5 days before their selected start date. If a request is submitted within 5 days of the desired start date, expect to be notified of processing within 1-3 days.

Prerequisites may also be verified in-person at our Tempe and Northern locations with a printed copy of your unofficial transcript.

Acceptable Transcripts for Transfer Credit Evaluation

Acceptable transcripts include: