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Dual Enrollment offers a unique college experience for High School Students! Eligible High School students apply to become Rio Salado College students, then pay $85 a credit hour for Dual Enrollment class when they meet Arizona residency requirements. Dual Enrollment courses are offered on a high school campus and are taught by qualified teachers using a college-level curriculum. When students have earned Dual Enrollment credits, their Success Coach will show how college credits will transfer into a degree or certificate at Rio Salado College. From Application to Graduation, Dual Enrollment is there! .

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Dual Enrollment Cards

Student Spotlight -  Ms. Wasson

Student Spotlight

Julia earned her associate degree at the same time she graduated from high school taking dual enrollment classes!

"I decided to participate in the dual enrollment program to get ahead with college credits and save money. I would 100% recommend taking dual enrollment classes in high school. If you are willing to put in the extra work it pays off greatly. I will receive both my AA degrees in the next week and I am excited for what is to come.

Julia Wasson | Rio Salado College 2021 graduate

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