Enrollment Steps Overview


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Enrollment Steps Overview

The dual enrollment process at Rio Salado College is broken down into four steps.

Step 1: Get Admitted & Complete Enrollment Tasks

In Step One, you will complete the online admissions application to set up your student account, and then submit identity authentication, reviewing testing requirements and submitting the Financial Responsibility/Consent Form.

Step 2: Determine Course Placement

In Step Two, you will determine, depending on your current High School Grade level and the dual enrollment courses you plan to take, which course placement step you will want to complete: EdReady placement test, upload HS Transcript or State test scores.

Step 3: Register for Classes

In Step Three, you will register for your dual enrollment classes. Each class is assigned a five-digit class number based on the High School, Instructor, Subject, and Class Period. Please refer to the course list to find your high school and class number(s).

Step 4: Pay Tuition

In Step Four, you will pay your tuition in full or set up a payment plan. Tuition is due upon registering.