Division of Public Service


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Division of Public Service

Rio Salado’s Division of Public Service manages three award-winning public radio stations and a media center.

Radio Stations and Outreach

  • KJZZ 91.5 - is a listener-supported public radio station broadcasting to the Phoenix metropolitan area. As the NPR member station for the region, KJZZ features a mix of local, national and world news. KJZZ’s The Show airs weekdays from 9-10 a.m. and is a stream of curated stories from Phoenix, our region and the world that keeps listeners up-to-date and entertained. Classic jazz and blues air at night and weekend programming includes comedy, arts, news and entertainment. There are multiple ways to listen to KJZZ, whether on the radio at 91.5 FM, on HD radio, the KJZZ  mobile app, smart speakers or streamed at kjzz.org.
  • KBACH 89.5 - is a listener-supported public radio station and the only radio station in Phoenix that plays classical music 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Programming features include the Classical Happy Hour, KBACH’s Up All Night, Full Works Friday Night, Reel Music, Sunday Baroque, and the Mozart Buffet. Listening options include traditional radio broadcasts at 89.5 FM in the Phoenix metro area or 89.7 FM in Fountain Hills, on the KBACH mobile app, through smart speakers, or via streaming online at KBACH.org.
  • Sun Sounds of Arizona - a reading service that provides audio broadcasts of printed materials for those who cannot read print due to a disability. A core group of 400+ volunteers provides programming throughout the state, including local and national newspapers, magazines and grocery ads. Those interested in the service can listen free via specially provided radios, through smart speakers, a live stream online or on-demand programs. To arrange a presentation, become a volunteer or get more information on Sun Sounds of Arizona services, please contact info@sunsounds.org or visit sunsounds.org.
  • SPOT 127 - KJZZ’s Youth Media Center, empowers teens to discover and craft their voices by teaching them digital media skills. We continuously innovate our award-winning services to meet the needs of our communities through in-school, after-school, and summer programs for teens. SPOT 127 LLC is a qualifying Charitable Tax Organization, which means Arizona taxpayers may contribute and receive a dollar-for-dollar credit on their taxes. More information on SPOT 127 programs at spot127.org.
  • Hear Arizona - a podcast initiative that tells stories dedicated to addressing the important issues surrounding our community and empowering listeners to find answers for their own lives. Topics include aging, affordable housing, accessibility for those living with disabilities, homelessness and more. Each episode provides resources for listeners to help them find solutions. Hear Arizona identifies the issues, finds the constituents who are affected and tells their story. Hear Arizona podcasts, information and resources can be found at heararizona.org and via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcasts and TuneIn.


  • Jon Hoban, Vice President of Public Service
  • John Sage, Associate Vice President, Operations
  • Linda Pastori, Associate Vice President, Development, and Executive Director Friends of Public Radio Arizona
  • Andrea Pasquale, Director, Sun Sounds of Arizona
  • Matt Rogers, Program Director, KBAQ-FM
  • Ben Overbaugh, Chief Engineer, KJZZ-FM and KBAQ-FM