Division of Student Affairs


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Division of Student Affairs

Vision Statement

To create a culture of student-focused customer service across the division, in order to enhance the student experience and support the strategic goals of the college.

About Us

The Division of Student Affairs is involved in all aspects of a student’s life including recruitment, admissions, registration, records, advisement, financial aid, testing services, disability resources, veteran services, student activities, community resources, wellness, career and social development.

The Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs at Rio Salado College oversees all student support services and student affairs programming and initiatives for the Rio Salado College community.

Specifically, the duties of the Vice President of Student Affairs and Advancement include working collaboratively with college partners, community stakeholders and members of the senior executive team in the leadership, planning, budget management and development of a comprehensive student affairs program.

The office also serves as a general point of contact for students and their families regarding student life and supporting successful outcomes.



  • Greg Pereira, Vice President, Student Affairs
  • Rachelle Clarke, Dean, Student Affairs - Retention
  • Patti Curtis, Dean, Student Affairs
  • Tamara Cochran, Dean, Instruction and Community Development
  • Barbara Khalsa, Associate Dean, Instruction and Community Development
  • Kelly Stewart, Associate Dean, Instruction and Community Development
  • David Hall, Director, Academic Advisement
  • Diana Pinon, Director, Testing and Assessment
  • Laurel Redman, Director, Admissions, Registration and Records
  • Nanci Regehr, Director, Financial Aid and Compliance
  • Kate Packer, Director, Success
  • Nuria Sanchez, Director, Community Development
  • Miranda Lopez, Director, Community Development
  • E. Cole, Director, Community Development