Concurrent Enrollment


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Concurrent Enrollment

Start college early by taking classes with Rio Salado College. You may be eligible to earn high school and college credit when you complete concurrent enrollment classes.

You can take transfer general education classes online to fulfill your lower-division general education requirements for an associate degree. Then, you can transfer those credits to complete your bachelor’s degree.

Meet with your high school prior to enrolling to learn if the courses you choose will satisfy high school graduation requirements. 

Students should contact their high school to see if they can use their concurrent enrollment college classes to satisfy high school requirements. For example, some students have been able to take ENG101 and ENG102 through Rio Salado College and transfer that credit back to their high school, eliminating the need for them to complete high school Senior English.

Concurrent Enrollment Benefits

  • Access to Rio Salado's student services including advising, tutoring and more
  • Earn college and high school credit at the same time
  • Accelerate your college career while you're still in high school
  • Classes are online and affordable.
  • Take your class from home
  • College credits that transfer to most four-year universities
  • Classes start most Mondays

Become a Student

Have questions or want more information? Call (480) 517-8550 or email the Admissions, Records, and Registration Department at