Book Advances


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Book Advances

Book advances allow students to purchase textbooks and supplies using your anticipated financial award money. You can use the money to purchase these items before your classes begin.

The funds are issued to you through the Maricopa Student Refund Program (MSRP) no sooner than nine business days before the start of a semester.

Book Advance Qualifications

Students must meet certain criteria qualifications to receive a book advance for each semester. You must have:

  • A projected financial aid award
  • "Opted In" for the Book Advance. Demonstrate that you intend to use the book advance options by "opting in" for the advance. Only students who are eligible for aid and select this option are given this advance. 
    • To opt in, log into your Student Service Center, browse to Financial Aid and then select Opt In on the Opt In/Out Book Advance option.
  • Active enrollment status at Rio Salado College
  • A financial aid award with enough award funds to cover your outstanding student account balance and enough funds to receive a book advance based on enrollment levels.
    • The book advance amount is be based on the financial aid award and the number of credits enrolled in at the time of the book advance disbursement. If any courses are dropped that result in less number of credits after the book advance disbursement, you may incur student debt.
  • Met Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). Learn About SAP and Financial Aid Eligibility

Deadline and Timelines

View Priority Deadlines and Book Advance Timelines

It is your responsibility to ensure that you meet all financial aid terms and conditions to qualify for the book advance. If you receive a book advance and it is later determined you were not eligible to receive it, you are responsible for returning those funds to Rio Salado College.

Book Advance Deposits to Your Account

Allow four to six business days from the date the book advance is posted to your account in the Student Center for the advance to be received and processed by the Maricopa Student Refund Program. Allow additional time if the book advance posts on a Friday, weekend or holiday.

Book Advance Amounts