Café at Rio


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Experience the Café at Rio

The Café at Rio is a sustainable teaching kitchen serving food creations to students, faculty, staff and the local community. We believe in preparing and serving sustainable food that nourishes the body and soul, food made with ingredients locally sourced from farmers, ranchers and artisans. The Café plays an integral role in Rio Salado's Sustainable Food Systems learning programs.

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Sustainable Food Systems Program

Sustainable Food Systems Program

Rio Salado College's Sustainable Food Systems program graduates enjoy the flexibility and accessibility of the program and often report that it has helped them in their current pursuits. By working together, we can bridge the gap towards a sustainable foods system.


Café at Rio Leadership

Café at Rio Leadership

Café at Rio chefs and food preparers are passionate about preparing and serving delicious fare sourced from local sustainable foods providers, including farmers, ranchers, artisans and the Garden at Rio. Many efforts are taken to provide food in an eco-friendly manner and environment.